How I Love Orchids, Let Me Count The Ways


The Many Reasons Why I Love Orchids

One of the most popularly used and beautiful flowers is considered to be orchids. There are 3 petals and 3 sepals, commonly mistaken for petals on an orchid flower. Symbolizing peace, orchids usually have a positive effect on both the giver and receiver of the flower.

The Structure Of An Orchid

Orchid flowers can be divided into two symmetrical halves owning to their bilaterally symmetrical structure. Resulting in a beautiful combination, each separate half is exactly the same as the other.

violet bloom orchid against black background

Depending on the environment in which they grew in, orchids also differ in terms of their structural characteristics. In warm climates the flower tends to have a thin structure, which gets thicker in dry climates. Seasonal changes also give rise to structural differences in orchids. These are some of the ways in which these flowers differ from each other.

Instead of normal roots, orchids have aerial roots. Since they can be sourced from farms, obtaining orchids tends to be much easier, as compared to other flowers. Orchids and insects share a special bond. They are a great flower to have around as they attract a lot of butterflies. Their sweet scent and alluring appearance attracts insects, resulting in a higher rate of pollination.

orchids with butterflies on their petals

Applications Of Orchids

Some of the products we use on a daily basis are made using the highly popular pure orchid scent as a base.

There is a wide variety of orchids to choose from given the fact that there are more than 30,000 different species of the flower.

pink orchids

These flowers are also used in the production of vanilla extracts owing to their rich composition of vanilla essence. The flower has become very popular as a result of this scent.

Due to their medicinal qualities, orchids are also used to treat various diseases. Singers usually use orchids to preserve the quality of their voices.

Strange Facts About Orchids

A lot of interest towards this flower has been generated as a result of one strange but popular fact. Orchids are known to be quite deceptive, and play tricks on insects.

Interestingly, to attract male insects, for pollination purposes, these flowers trick them into believing that they are female insects.

Why Are Orchids Beautiful?

The alluring sight of rain drops on leaves, dark forests and frosty leaves is well-captured by the appearance of orchid flowers. Orchids have also become a popular choice for many people simply because of their attractive leaves.

The growth of the flowers is influenced by the method of growth used, intensity of light, climate.

The uniqueness of this flower can be seen in how it grows. For a firm foundation, these flowers grow perpendicular to their roots.

phalaenopsis blue orchid

Orchids come in a wide variety of beautiful colors; this being one of their most endearing qualities. People tend to like the flower at first glance simply because of its eye catching appearance. It is worth noting that even the leaves on the flower have a story to tell about its origins. All in all, orchids are beautiful flowers that always capture the attention of all the eyes in the vicinity.