My new Job – Working in a Flower Shop

working in a flower shop

At first, I wasn’t thrilled about working in a flower shop …

potted flowers in display shelves

My aunt has a florist shop and she spent a lot of time teaching me a wide range of flower arranging courses. It is not the manliest job that you could dream of having and it does not pay all that well, but obviously I am 16 years old and you have to consider my options. I already worked at a fast food place long enough to know that is an awful job to have. This pays better than that and it is not nearly so greasy and nasty. Of course everyone was really unhappy and they all could not stand the assistant manager, he was a real jerk it seemed to me. So I was really happy to try this instead.

woman with a bouquet of supermarket sunflowers

You can work at places like grocery stores. I did that last summer for about a month and a half before school started back and my Mom made me quit to focus on studying. It was not terrible, but it was not very good either. I spent a lot of cleaning up stuff that got spilled and mopping the floors. Then when I was not bagging groceries I would have to go fetch all of the shopping carts out of the parking lot. This was not a normal sized parking lot either. This place probably had four or five acres of asphalt out in front of it. It was really hot too and when it was not hotter than a furnace out there it was raining and usually raining really hard as well. That is just the way that it is in that job and of course it does not get a lot better. The only way to make money in those places is to be in the butchers part of it.

A Day at a Flower Shop …