How to Protect Your Orchid Garden from Pests

white orchid in garden bloom

There are a wide variety ways that you can protect your precious orchids from animals and other dangers.

If you have animals near where you live, you don’t want these animals to eat or trample on your prize orchids. If you leave your orchid garden unprotected, the chances are that the animals will destroy your plants.

Using netting stanchions to protect your garden is one way to keep your orchid garden safe. One thing that you can do to prevent this is to use a raised bed garden for your orchid garden. You can make this raised garden with compost and soil. Then you can utilise wood to make the garden be higher from the ground. You will also make the sides of your garden very steep to do make a raised garden as well.

fenced garden area

The next thing that you can try is to put a fence around your garden. This is the ideal way to keep deer out of your orchid garden because a raised garden will not keep the deer out of your garden. Make sure that you buy a fence that smaller animals can’t slip through as well. You will want to keep out small animals like rabbits and other rodents because these can be real nuisances to your orchid garden. Make sure that you choose a fence that is fairly sturdy so that animals can’t knock it down.

forest orchid with purple bloom

The great thing about fences is that most animals will not be able to climb a fence. Try to put your fence into the ground as deeply as possible to try and keep burrowing animals out of your orchid garden as well.

The most important thing that you will want to do is have your garden protected from all angles, so that you can keep these pesky animals out.